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District Court invalidates two more Kinglite patents.

On behalf of clients American Megatrends, Micro-Star International and Giga-byte Technology, HKW has successfully argued to the United States District Court for the invalidation of the asserted claims of United States Patent Nos. 6,401,202 and 6,487,656, which are owned by Kinglite Holdings. The patents relate to the basic input/output system (BIOS) for booting the operating system of a computer. The Honorable James Selna agreed with HKW’s arguments that the claims asserted are directed to subject matter that is not patentable because the claims are broad enough to cover transitory signals such as embedded carrier waves. He further agreed with HKW that the 202 Patent is invalid because it covers the abstract concept of multitasking in BIOS. This makes three Kinglite patents which the Court has invalidated in the case, along with seven other patents which the Court has dismissed for reasons such as non-infringement. Twelve of the Kinglite patents are in pending inter partes review proceedings, with two other petitions for inter partes review pending.

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