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Copyright and Copyright Litigation

Copyright and Copyright Litigation

Practice Lead Contact: Steve Hill

The copyright matters that we handle include infringement, litigation, ownership disputes, licensing, publishing, distribution and related transactions, legislative and regulatory policy analysis, royalty negotiations, and applications for registration. Many HKW lawyers have counseled clients in copyright matters and participated in copyright litigation, including federal jury trials and appeals. HKW attorneys have tried – and won – “bet the company” copyright cases. Our lawyers include nationally-recognized experts in the field of copyright, often sought to provide counsel on matters of national or regional significance to industry groups.


Most of HKW’s clients handle their own copyright registrations because, unlike with trademarks and patents, the registration process is not an adversarial process, and the cost of attempting to register is negligible. In some cases, we have been asked to assist in the process of registering, usually where the work in question is unusual, or where there are complexities in the circumstances of authorship of the work in question. Above all, we do counsel clients to consider filing for copyright protection through registrations in order to protect their rights to the fullest extent under U.S. Copyright Law.

Licensing and Related Counseling

HKW counts among its clients some of the most technologically sophisticated firms in the U.S. As a result, HKW is frequently asked to consult, and in some cases, provide legal opinions on matters relating to copyright licensing, particularly in the field of licensing computer software.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

HKW attorneys have been actively involved in copyright trials and appeals in federal courts and arbitration tribunals throughout the U.S. For example, HKW attorneys have handled two successful copyright appeals in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. HKW attorneys have prevailed in jury trials on novel theories of damages under copyright law, including recovery of indirect profits. We have also managed international copyright litigation for our clients that have this need.

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