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Executive Employment Agreements

Executive Employment Legal Representation

Whether you are tasked with drafting enforceable executive employment agreements, or are an executive with questions about a document you have signed (or being asked to sign) it’s very important to proceed with care and caution. Such agreements are a frequent area of expensive litigation, and having the right legal counsel on your side can make a significant difference in the overall outcome.

The attorneys at Hill, Kertscher & Wharton, LLP have represented both executives and the businesses employing them in the drafting, negotiation, and enforcement of executive compensation packages. This dual experience is a true asset in developing a compensation package that best suits your company’s needs, or assessing whether the compensation package you’ve been offered is an adequate reflection of your value to the business. If an agreement has already been signed, our experienced employment attorneys can provide sound opinions on the potential for enforcement and options for attacking validity.

Executive Compensation Agreements and Severance

The drafting and negotiation of executive-level employment agreements, and in particular severance packages, require a careful eye toward compliance with principles of contract and relevant employment laws. Severance agreements entered into must offer some compensation or benefit beyond that to which the employee was already entitled (i.e., final pay) in exchange for any agreements not to sue or a relinquishment of rights. Additionally, the agreement must be made available for the employee to consider for a certain period of time before she or he is forced to sign, whether the agreement is a result of termination, layoff, staff reduction, or changing ownership. Additional rules apply for workers over 40 years old; we can help make sure your severance and release agreements comply with the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act and other applicable laws.

If you are an executive in the process of exiting a company, you will want experienced counsel to examine the severance package offered to determine if it adequately compensates you for any rights you have relinquished, and to negotiate a more favorable agreement on your behalf if the offered agreement is unfair. Our team will also help to ensure that you have a sufficient right to work within your industry so your acquired skills can be utilized to their fullest.

Contact Experienced Executive Employment Attorneys

Whether you simply want an experienced employment attorney to review a compensation, severance, or non-compete agreement, or are deep into high-stakes litigation regarding such matters, strengthen your position by contacting the attorneys at Hill, Kertscher & Wharton, LLP. We will examine the details of your situation and provide an expert opinion on the best way to proceed and protect your rights. For legal representation in Georgia or throughout the United States, contact us at 770-953-0995 for trustworthy guidance on creating, enforcing, or voiding executive compensation and severance packages.