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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime, Georgia RICO and Related Civil Litigation

If you find yourself in the midst of questionable financial activity, you must act to protect your interests. The stakes could be higher than you can imagine.

Because of our trial skills, we have been retained in numerous matters involving allegations of:

  • fraud
  • bribery
  • *theft by deception
  • theft by conversion
  • health care fraud
  • wire fraud
  • mail fraud
  • investment fraud and
  • a pattern of racketeering activity (RICO)

We have represented plaintiffs and defendants alike in cases involving alleged violations of the Georgia Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), and we are skilled at understanding the differences between the federal and state RICO laws when it comes to protecting our clients’ best interests.

Our team also handles cases involving other allegations of corruption, abuse of trust, and similar charges. We understand the gravity of these matters, and take the trust our clients place in us very seriously. Our experience teaches us that many of these cases can and should be resolved early and discretely. However, when that is not possible and a trial is imminent, we have a proven track of success.

Representative matters:

In 2016, we successfully handled a business dispute stemming from allegations that a chief executive officer of a health care company bribed a hospital executive. The complex nature of this dispute involved two different state court lawsuits brought in Tennessee, an inquiry by the United States Attorney, and a week-long private arbitration which forced a favorable settlement of all issues in all pending cases.

In 2015, we successfully tried a two-week racketeering case before Judge Richard Story in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on behalf of the founder of Moe’s Southwest Grill. Judge Story awarded our client over $980,000 in attorney’s fees and costs at the conclusion of the case.

We have seasoned trial lawyers with a proven track record of success, and can help you with your white collar litigation needs.